Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Fun!

Payton was extremely spoiled when her Aunt Jenny and my other "sister" Geneva came to town! She was always being held, tickled, and played with! We all had a great visit with Jenny and Geneva! Here are a few pictures of that weekend!

Out to dinner!

Three gorgeous ladies!
Payton is having such a ball here with Halley! I am not sure what they were doing, but these two smiled make my day!

We have started to eat baby food! This means more messy faces, and many more baths! Payton does not like peas (who can blame her!), but has so far enjoyed the taste of sweet potatoes, green beens, and bananas.

This is Payton's first whole banana! We got this mesh netted thing at Target that you put the food in so she does not choke on a piece. She just loved it! She ate 2/3 of the banana! When we were finished, she went straight to the tub. Banana was everywhere! All over her face, chest, stomach, and legs! S he was such a messy baby, but had a great time!

Our little girl is growing up!!!!

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