Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July!

Where has the summer gone?! I am such a bad blogger, forgive me! But here is a new post with tons of pictures!!!

For the Fourth of July, Payton, Jordyn, and I headed out to my dad's lake house on Tuesday morning. We made the 6 hour drive to Lake Villa, Illinois and the girls did do incredibly well! 

We had somewhat of a longer stop than when we are with Halley, but we enjoyed our time out of the car, eating McDonalds (very rare!), and stretching our legs. 

As you can tell, even Jordyn enjoyed the visit! 

The minute (literally) we arrived, it was non-stop fun! Swimming, boat rides, waverunner rides, swimming, playing kitchen, and SWIMMING! Here is a picture of the beautiful lake. I grew up here in the summers, and enjoyed it SO much. What better way to enjoy the 4th of July then with this view! 

Jordyn had a great time exploring a new territory, as well as "helping" me load the you can see, she was unloading it for me! 

 It was so much fun to see a lot of our toys and baby items that were saved throughout the years. Here is our high chair!

Play Food...Play Kitchen...what could be better! Payton had a blast enjoying all the play food that Jenny and I played with growing up. It was so much fun! Here she set the table as she anxiously awaited Halley's arrival on Friday. 

Since the 4th landed on such a silly day, Halley was unable to take work off. But he did get to join us on Friday! After work, he flew to enjoy all the fun, and Payton literally couldn't wait to show him everything! 

Such a sweet photo! Payton didn't leave his side once he got there! They enjoyed the sunset together, which is one of Halley's favorite things to do! 

Safety first, right?!! 

Payton also just adores her Aunt Jenny! I don't think Jenny has ever had this much fun in her entire life!  Ha! Payton had her going, going, going all week long.

Snack time! Payton was eating TONS (which for my child is rare) while we were at the lake. She was a non-stop ball of energy, so had to refuel often!

Jordyn loved all the water activities - and here she is before we left the dock on a boat ride! She is ready to GO GO GO! 

In Lake Villa, the fireworks were on Saturday night. This was great, since Halley didn't get in till Friday. Halley loves fireworks, so I am glad he was able to enjoy them with us! Payton lasted about 5 minutes, until our neighbors decided to let off crazy loud ones. She then got scared and asked to go to bed. Yes, my daughter asks to go to bed! But I was able to capture this sweet picture of them before she ran off! 

We had an awesome week, and it feels good to be back home. Our girls are growing up, and enjoying summer so much. We are so blessed to be able to see family often, as we are heading out for another vacation in just two weeks with my mom! We are looking forward to a girls week plus Halley (he will be fed well!) in Michigan. My mom, sister, and grandma will all be there, so we should have another vacation filled with lots of water activities! 

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