Friday, August 14, 2009

12 Weeks To Go!

With a little over twelve weeks left in my pregnancy, we are busy, busy, busy preparing for the baby! I have been washing clothes and organizing like crazy! Craigslist has been such a blessing for our family and we have been able to furnish the entire nursery. It's great! Our first purchase was a barely used crib and mattress (well under-priced, might I add!)...

You can also see that craigslist has blessed us with a great amount of clothes, which all are in great shape. We can't wait for our little arrival so she can wear them all! We were also lucky enough to find a changing table/dresser from a garage sale in nearby Grimes. It even matches the crib, so we were all very excited.

As you can see, the knobs are all hand painted with little flowers, but we did get the original knobs, so we are able to change that out if we are blessed to have a little boy one day :)

Last night, Halley surprised me with a glider and ottoman! It is in great condition, but I might redo the fabric (if I can find the time, and figure out how!). If not, it is a light mint green, which actually matches the room color we were going for, so it will work either way.

As you can tell, we are getting extremely excited for the birth of our first daughter, and can't wait to welcome her into this wonderful world! My grandmother Betty also bought us a high chair from our registry, which of course we (meaning me) wanted to put together ASAP!

Please continue to pray for the pregnancy, and that as the delivery comes closer and closer, that the baby and I would continue to be healthy. Thanks for sharing in our excitement!

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