Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Is Coming to a Close....

Colleen is a little over 6 months along now with Baby Griess! We have begun to really get things together for the new arrival, but babies sure need a lot of things! Craigslist has been such a blessing; we have found a barely used crib, and are looking at a dresser/changing table tonight. With all the clothes we have accumulated, Colleen is more than ready to get them washed and put away. Grandma Lynch says she is "nesting"....Colleen calls it organizing!

Colleen's mom had her surgery on Monday - everything went really well, and she is back on her feet and ready to get moving. We keep telling her to slow it down and recover! She says she will :)

Halley starts his last year of Law School at Drake on August 24. He is definitely not looking forward to that. He has enjoyed the summer too much! But we are all glad that this will be his last year, and so is he.

Halley is also keeping busy with his race for Des Moines City Council. Door knocking has begun, and meetings seem to never cease. We are both just praying that if it is the Lord's will for him to be elected, that it would be done! Elections are November 3 (and the baby is due on November 11!)...Below is a picture of Halley when he was finished giving his announcement speech, with news cameras and everything!

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