Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walking, Talking, and Loving Life!

Ok, so Payton is not walking, but I sure am! The weather sure has been nice here in Des Moines for the past few weeks, and so after Florida, Payton and I were able to continue our walks almost everyday! Payton just loves being outside, so I am so thankful for that! Taking walks with her is great. It gives me a lot of time to look at all that the Lord has blessed me with; a wonderful husband who works so I can stay home, a beautiful daughter to share life with, beautiful weather, and a wonderful God who gave this all to me! Payton usually sleeps for the majority of the walks, but when she is awake, she just loves looking at God's creation. It's so amazing to witness something through a child's eyes; everything is new and fresh, and she is so excited to see it all! It makes me realize how much I take things for granted!

As far as talking goes, Payton never stops! She has been talking for a few months now, and its so funny in the morning when she gets up and is full of energy and loves to wake her dad up! Almost every morning, I put her on her on the ground to get some of her energy out. Have I mentioned that she is rolling over like crazy! She ends up on her stomach all the time, but still has trouble finding her way back to her backside.

At Payton's four month appointment a few weeks ago, she weighed in at 13 pounds, 5 ounces and 24 inches long. She is a growing girl! The doctor told us we can begin rice cereal, and so here is her first bite!

Since we began rice cereal, it has been a true test of my patience with her at times! We have a few good days, but most days it is hard for her to even open her mouth. Hopefully this eating thing will take, and she will be able to move onto the great other foods she has left to try! Also, the doctor told me to up her formula ounces, since she was taking about 27 ounces a day...He said she should be at 28-35 ounces, with 28 being not quite enough! So we are working on her getting more down as well :)

Payton just LOVES to stand. She would rather stand and look at the action around her (even when it is just me!) then play with any of her toys...I must be pretty exciting :)

Halley and I think we have the prettiest baby ever! What a true blessing Payton has been to our lives, and I just love waking up in the morning to this smile...It makes getting up so much better!

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