Friday, March 19, 2010


Halley, Payton and I were able to spend a beautiful week in Florida for Halley's last spring break as a student (yes, Halley is finally graduating from Law School this May!). We had great weather, and were able to take lots of long walks and experience some great moments as a family.

Here is the view from the boardwalk right outside our apartment.

With the long walks came many naps for Payton. She loved her stroller and was a great traveler the whole week long, including all the plane rides!

One exciting thing that happened (of the many) was that Payton started rolling over from her back to her stomach! She now does it all the time, and I need to make sure to keep an eye on her more now! She still has trouble figuring out how to get back on her back, but she is getting very strong!

For all of those CSI: Miami fans out there, here is one of the buildings in the beginning of each show - I know, I am a big dork, but thought it was super cool to see it in person!

Almost every night, Halley, Payton, my mom and I went for long walks before and after dinner. On one particular night, we visited the Red Bull Museum which had everything made out of red bull cans. This was one of our favorite pieces there!

Look how cute Payton is! We just love her so much and were excited to share her with my family this past week!

Sometimes I think it is just as hard to get a good picture of Halley as it is to get a good picture of Payton! Like father like daughter! :)

My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Tim were able to join us for a few days in Miami. It was great to see them, and they loved meeting Payton. We were out to dinner here at one of Halley's favorite places while we were in Miami. We got to eat outside and it was great!
Our trip to Florida was filled with lots of family time and with lots of fresh air. We had a great time, and Payton was such a good traveler on the planes. We had 4 flights total to get to and from Miami (its much harder to get direct flights from Des Moines, and I am so use to the easiness of Chicago airports and their locations!). Payton slept on every flight, and hardly made a noise. We had many people compliment us on her, and Halley just kept saying to me, "It must be the good parenting."

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