Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goodbye September!

As quickly as summer past in the Griess household, September seemed to fly by even quicker! We kept really busy as we adjusted to have Halley home less often (even though it was an answered prayer he got a full time job!). Many times during the day, Payton will think she hears her daddy coming home and she will crawl to the basement door and say "Dada, Dada". She misses him SO much!

After we found out that my incredibly smart husband passed the bar, we had to go to a ceremony where he got sworn in as a lawyer and received a certificate. Since I missed his graduation due to my hospitalization in May, I knew I didn't want to miss this! I got a babysitter for Payton even so I wouldn't miss a thing! Here are a few pictures from Halley's swearing in ceremony!

Here he is saying the oath....

And receiving his certificate!

I made him take this picture :)

Halley is a GREAT dad! He missed Payton during the day and loves to come home and play with her! We walked in the door one evening and before I knew it, this is what was greeting me in the kitchen! They are sooo cute!

Payton's new favorite thing is to get into the cabinets in the kitchen. She rarely takes anything out, she just likes to open and shut the doors. I caught her in the act here! :)

Last week, I made my first ever attempt at pot roast and if I do say so myself, it was fantastic! Payton, Halley, and I enjoyed it and it will be a regular recipe here at the Griess household! Payton especially enjoyed the cooked carrots! She is such a good eater!

Payton loves to push her stroller around. Sometimes she will even put her monkey in the stroller. She is not too interested in walking right now, but she did stand by herself for what seemed like a minute almost yesterday! I was so amazed, and Halley even got to see it too!

I am not sure it gets any cute than this!!
I know you can't see it very well, but today I put a ponytail in Payton's hair for the first time! She looks absolutely adorable! I can't believe she is almost one - the first year has flown by way too quickly!

Well, September 2010 has come and gone very quickly, and we have enjoyed the cooler weather as fall rolls in. I can only imagine that the holidays will come and go just as fast!

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