Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blessed with Friends!

Payton has been a busy girl these last few weeks. Every week, a few mom's get together so that the babies can play and so that the mom's can talk and hang out. It is so nice to have friends that are the same age as Payton! This is Payton and Everly playing together at one of our playgroups. They usually are off playing by themselves, but I think they are slowly learning how to play together (and of course take eachother toys).

It sure was hard trying to get a shot with both girls looking at the camera!

Payton is becoming a somewhat picky eater these days. She likes apples, but not in small pieces. She wants to have the whole apple! And so we try to share an apple every once in awhile. She is so funny at how she will eat a banana when she takes bites off of the large banana, but she doesn't like to eat it in small bites. She is a silly girl!

Another first that happened this week was brushing out teeth! Although she only has two teeth, I think it is good to try to get her in a routine before bed. She willingly opens her mouth and lets me brush her teeth and gums. I am sure it feels good on her gums, as I think she is teething right now. When I am all done, she gets to do it herself too - which she loves!

This week we were even able to get together with our friends the Richey's and the Schreiners! It was so great to have a meal and hang out with these two families that we never get to see! Kaisa and Payton are just three weeks apart, and are as cute as can be!

I was trying to get a picture of Owen and Payton when Owen went in for the kill! He loves to pull hair, and since Payton has a full head of it, he thought she was the best target. She was not happy about it at all, but Carla was able to jump in and save the day.

Actually playing together (and not stealing the others toy!).

Here is a picture of all three kiddos hanging out while the moms and dads are eating a delicious meal! It was fun to see these great families, and Halley and I hope to do it again sometime soon!

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