Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Payton!

Last weekend, we had some family over to help us celebrate Payton's 1st birthday! It was such a blast to celebrate this birthday, and I can't wait to celebrate more of them with her! Birthday's use to be just another day for me, but now I have such a great excitement to celebrate them with my baby (well not so much a baby anymore!).

I decorated her high chair for our dinner celebration. It was so much fun and so very cute !

Halley really wanted Payton to have her own cake, but I just couldn't bring myself to give her a whole small cake, so we compromised on getting her a HUGE cupcake!

I was so surprised at how Payton just went in for the kill on her cupcake. She picked it up, looked at it, and just took a HUGE bit of frosting as if she did this all the time! She was so messy, and it was SO worth it!

She had a blast playing with the cupcake, and normally we don't let her play with her food, but what the heck, it was her BIRTHDAY! What a great picture!

My messy little baby was headed straight to the bathtub after she was done playing and eating her cupcake. She looks stuffed and tired in this picture. Look how big her stomach looks! It might explode!

After her bath, it was present time - and she was so excited for everything she got. It is such a blessing to have parents who love to buy things for her! Ha! Obviously in this picture Halley was not fast enough getting the box open, so Payton decided to help out.

Look at her tearing those presents open! She thouroughly enjoyed the wrapping paper just as much as the toys that were inside!

Payton loves animals, so this was a great idea! You can also see her new potty in the background! What a practical and great gift! Although she won't be using it anytime soon, it is great to have that taken care of!

Payton had such a great birthday weekend, and we enjoyed celebrating her birthday with her. We also went to her one year check-up at the Dr's this week and she is doing great. At 12 months of age she weighs 18 pounds, 13 ounces (only the 16th percentil!), 29 inches long, and is as healthy as can be. It looks like she wont be in her forward facing carseat for a bit, but that's ok, cuz she still fits great in her rear facing one anyways! She doesn't even touch the seat with her feet!
Another fun thing that happened this week was that Halley decided to nickname Payton "Ducky". At first I was sceptical, but after he showed me a video from "A Land Before Time", I love his new nickname for her. It is just something special that the two of them can share - there own little secret :)

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