Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was spend in Lincoln, Nebraska with Halley's side of the family. We were able to spend Wednesday night through Sunday with them, and had a great time. Halley's parents have three dogs, so Payton was in heaven. She would scream with delight whenever she saw them, which resulted in a lot of excitement all day long!

For Christmas dinner, we put the dogs in their room but Payton did not want to go too far from them. After dinner, she was right back to tell them she loved them and try to break them out. It was so much fun for her.
Payton was the center of attention, and everything she did was just so "cute"! She liked sitting under the table and peaking out at us. It is so fun to see how she is beginning to grow up and find new games out of the simplest things.
Family photo! Love it!
Payton had a few naked moments, and always ended up by the dogs.
Christmas morning came, and Payton was overwhelmed with gifts. She got a new vacuum here and now can help as mom cleans the house.
What girls doesn't need a doll house? We haven't taken it out of the box yet, but it will be fun to have her play house when she gets a bit older. She did a great job at unwrapping her presents, and is now a pro!
Although I must say that her favorite present was a sled she received from her great-grandpa and grandma. She would just sit in the sled inside the house, waiting for someone to pull her around. So we finally bundled her up and took her for a quick sledding adventure outside. She loved it!

Here she is playing with more of the toys she received. I think she will be set for the next two years!
Christmas was great, and it was great seeing family, but also great getting home to just be with our little family. We did our own Christmas the Sunday before we left and it was fun to start having our time as a small family.
We were unable to attend Faithwalkers this year since Halley just started his job in September, so we had a nice quiet week in Des Moines with very little plans. We had some friends over for dinner and football twice, and it was great to relax with no where to go. We are now all ready for what 2011 has to bring for our family!

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