Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Been A Long, Long Time!

January has come and gone, and Payton and I did a lot of this......

It has been ridiculously cold and snowy here in Des Moines (well probably not more then usual), but I have never really noticed how much it hinders doing things with a toddler! A few days this month Halley has had to take the SUV to work since there was so much snow. This left Payton and I homebound, and well, bored! We tried to keep busy having dance parties in the kitchen, playing hide and go seek in the pantry, and unloading the dishwasher once piece at a time. We also cuddled and watched a few shows on IPTV, and took mid-day baths! Payton did not seem to mind too much, but I like to get out and do things!

But Payton would always keep me busy with her new smiles, silly faces, and teething "fun". I have never heard of a child puking from teething, until now. Every time Payton cuts a tooth, she throws up. I have heard of fevers, ear aches, etc., but never throwing up! So she has kept us busy this month cutting 2-3 teeth. But how can you blame a smile like this!

Payton is a joy, and keeps us entertained. I wouldn't want to be homebound with any other toddler!
We did get to go to Lincoln one weekend in January to visit Halley's family. The highlight of Payton's trip was of cource the dogs! We found Payton like this; she put her self and the dog in the cage all by herself. Neither of them seemed to mind!

Here's to warmer weather in February, and more outings!

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  1. you should get a dog if she loves them so much!!! :)