Monday, March 14, 2011

A Week Apart

This past week, Halley had his first business trip for Nationwide, and was away from Payton and I for 5 whole days! I was pretty sad about leaving him, but was also excited to go to Chicago to spend some time with my family. The time flew by, and Payton and I had a great time seeing lots of family.

I was extremely nervous about the 5 hour car trip that I would be taking with Payton. I have never gone to Chicago without Halley since Payton was born, so this was an adventure. But Payton was GREAT. She only cried for about 10 minutes each way, and slept a ton! It was great for me! She was the best traveler I could ever ask for!

Also, today I had my second baby appointment. Everything went great, and the baby's heartrate was 156. Halley and I are so excited about this second little blessing!

Sorry no pictures this update, but I will try to get more up soon!

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