Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She Keeps Going, And Going, And Going!

Payton is such a joy! We both have been anticipating the nice weather this week, and have taken full advantage of it in just two days! As you can see here, she is ready for the sun!

We first hit the park up across the street from our house on Tuesday afternoon. It was great to watch Payton play on all the equiptment. Most is still too big for her, but she has conquered all the slides and the stairs.

She was SO brave! She would go head first down the slide!

We tried the swing out and she absolutely hated it. She was SO scared, and wanted out right away. But she did enjoy the horse!

And today was even nicer than yesterday! It was almost 65 degrees out, so we headed to Colby Park (about a 8 minute drive from our house) to try out this brand new park! We both enjoyed it a lot!

The equiptment is so nice at this park, and Payton loved it all! Especially all the children that were everywhere!
Many would think that after an hour playing at Colby park, this little girl would be tired. But after lunch and before her afternoon nap, she wanted to venture outside again to the park across the street from our house! Isn't she the cutest?!

She is full of energy, and is going to keep me busy this spring and summer! I just hope I can keep up!!
On a funny note, Halley and I were discussing the sex of our second blessing. I told Halley that there is a 50% chance it is a girl, and he said, "If its a girl, I'm buying a male lizzard!" Haha. We are both excited for the second baby, and we are thrilled whichever sex this little one is! I think Halley just wants something manly int his house! :)

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