Friday, April 1, 2011


Payton has been patiently waiting for the weather to become nicer. We had a teaser week of 65 degree weather, where we went outside everyday. She LOVED going to the park and just playing in the back yard. She is waiting for that to happen everyday! Halley and I decided to get this great activity set for our backyard. Payton has loved it so far, and enjoys the slide even in the cold weather. As we wait for warmer weather, we are trying to get everything done we can think of; so of course an oil change was in order! I couldn't resist sharing this picture with you all, because it is so cute!
She likes to talk with her hands a lot, and is loving wearing her sunglasses outside like Mommy. Thats all we really have to update you all on now - here's back to waiting and longing for park dates!

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