Friday, April 29, 2011

Bumps, Top Gun, and Lots of Fun!

Payton got her first fat lip by falling flat on her face. She was so tough, and only cried for about 30 seconds, and was back to normal. Payton likes to walk around with her blanket on her face, so she can't see anything. I think she thought she was falling into me, when in fact she was not near me. Oops! She fell flat on her face, and this was the result!

We were so glad she only got this little ouchie, because she was about 2 inches from hitting the front of her wooden rocking chair. Here's to many more fat lips and bruises!

She is also such a funny girl! She finds anything to keep her busy while I do cleaning around the house. She was washing the floor here with a wipe, and also wiping her baby down. But she looks so cute while having fun!

She sure is growing up fast and almost every morning she feeds herself cereal with milk. Although she spills a little bit, the majority gets straight in her mouth! She is very independent, and likes to feed herself everything: applesauce, yogurt, anything! It frees up a lot of my time that she can feed herself though! I get lots done around the kitchen while she keeps herself busy.

A few weeks ago we had an 80's party with a bunch of our friends from church. It was a lot of fun, and Halley and I went as characters from one of our favorite movies, Top Gun. Halley was of course the good looking Tom Cruise or "Maverick" and I was his girlfriend (or in the movie, his flight instructor). We sure are a good looking couple!

Payton has been enjoying her backyard playground a lot! She loves going down the slide, and just testing out all the little gadgets. She especially likes to throw her ball down the slide and say "Woooooooo"!

Halley has been teaching Payton how to kick her ball. They have lots of fun in the backyard and it really makes me happy to see them playing together!

Her kicks might be small now, but I am sure she will be a powerhouse one day like her daddy!

We are all looking forward to the nicer weather coming up. The past two weeks have been extremely rainy here, so dry days are so much fun with Payton! Today we met Halley downtown during his lunch to walk around the Sculpture Garden. Payton had a blast, and enjoyed every minute with her dad!

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