Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's That Time of the Year...For Enjoying the Outdoors!

Today, we had our first outdoor meal of the season! It was so much fun, and Payton loved it. We thought she might be distracted and not eat too much since we were in her favorite place (the outdoors!), but she did great. We grilled out brats, and she enjoyed them with her peas. Have I ever mentioned that she LOVES peas with parmesan cheese on them?!

After she finished her main items, she was so excited to sit in a big chair like her mom and dad. So she finished up a piece of her bun while being like mom and dad!

Kisses for Payton!

She is growing up so fast! She wanted a second helping of her food after a bit, so she took Halley's chair and fork and went to work on what was left on her plate.

Halley has been teaching Payton a little bit of his football moves. With another girl on the way, he loves that Payton is taking interest in his favorite sport! Here he teaches her to "get down" and then charge him. She is so funny when she does this. She puts her fingers on the ground and then screams and runs towards Halley. Sometimes she decides to trick him and run away from him too!

After a long day of going to the park, walking to and from the store with mom and dad, playing in the backyard, and dinner outside, Payton was quite tired! Halley is giving her a nice backrub (yes, I was jealous), and she was just relaxing.

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