Friday, May 20, 2011

The Zoo and Pretending Too!

Payton and I met our friends Kayla and her boys at the Zoo this Wednesday. We had gorgeous weather, and had a great time! Payton and I had never been to the Blank Park Zoo here in Des Moines, so this was our first trip. We also have a season pass for the summer, so it will be a place we frequent throughout the next few months!

Kayla also has a little girl who she watches during the day, so the two mom's and the four kids ventured out into the wild! We had such a good time, and our friend Jill let me borrow her double stroller so we all could travel the zoo comfortably. Payton enjoyed watching all the kids probably as much as seeing all the animals!

Payton, Emerson, and Oakley loved all the fish in the large tanks as well! I wish I could capture Payton's fish face for you, but was unable to since she was so into them swimming around.

Emerson and Oakley loved the water fall!

Here is a group kid picture at the end. The boys were getting a bit tired, but Payton was just loving her sandwich and all the action :)

I love that my little girl is growing up. Each day she amazes me with how much she learns. Take a look at this cutie playing on the floor in the kitchen as I make some food for our hangout tonight!

Payton's new thing is to smile for us! I asked her to smile in this picture! I think I probably have asked her to smile 50 times in the last day! I didn't teach her to do this, she just picked it up in the last few days! She is so cute!

Also, as I was making food, I hear her say, "Nummy, nummy!". So I figured she wanted some of what I was making. But when I looked down at her, she had put her blocks into a bowl and was pretending to eat it! She is such a smart girl, and I love that each day she is finding new ways to entertain herself!

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