Friday, June 10, 2011

A Taste of Summer

The Griess Family is in LOVE with summer! Payton loves being on the go, and loves being active. This past week, we had three great days of 90 plus degree weather here in Des Moines. This meant a lot of outdoor fun! Also, when its nice outside, I like to open the windows in the car and turn the music up and sing! Payton must be like her dad, because I turned around one time and she had her ears plugged and was laughing. I don't think she likes my singing very much! Ha!

Summer also means ICE CREAM! Or as Payton calls it, Ice. Since Halley needed something at Walmart, we decided to also get a shake and enjoy it while daddy worked in the backyard. Payton was in love! She was so messy and sticky afterwards (which of course meant a bath!).

We also went for our first swimming adventure at Ashby Park. What a great place this is going to be throughout the summer! It is only 1 foot deep and there are always tons of kids there. I wasn't sure how Payton would react, but she loved it! She would even get down on her stomach and pretend to swim. It was so nice in the hot weather that day too! This was the only picture I got that day - but following Payton around with a camera in the pool wasn't the easiest!

Towards the end of the week, there have been crazy thunderstorms here! One morning I went to go get Payton from her crib and this is what I found. She does this when it is raining on her head! She is such a silly girl. Obviously she wasn't getting wet inside, but she heard the rain and knew it was raining outside!

Since Thursday we were stuck inside due to the rain, we had lots of play time around the house. Payton loves to "go to work" like daddy, so here she has her necklaces, lunchbox, bag, and baby and is ready to head out! She blows me kisses and says goodbye, then returns about 1 minute later to do the same thing. I love her imagination!

A quick update on baby Griess #2: I went to the doctor Thursday and was able to hear her strong and healthy heartbeat again! It was so great! The doctor commented on how active she was while she was trying to get her heartbeat. I also found out that I will be induced at 39 weeks due to the medicine I am on to prevent future blood clots. So baby Griess will arrive around September 14, 2011! I am SO excited, but now that I have a definite date, I am also SO nervous! I can't imagine how it is going to be with two little girls, but I look forward to it!! God has really blessed our little family!

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