Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet Home Chicago

I thoroughly love Chicago. It is a GREAT city to visit! I could never see myself moving back there to live though, but visiting is so much fun! I love seeing places that I grew up around, and enjoying them with my family. This past Father's Day Weekend, Halley, Payton and I went back to see my family and enjoyed many city acivities.

If any of you know my sister at all, she loves planning, more then me! So she planned our Saturday out to the T! We headed to a Family Fun Event downtown in the Loop and Payton had a blast. There was a performance with singing and dancing, as well as many other activities. Payton was everywhere, including a tiny pool that she dumped water all over herself! I am so bad at taking picures when we are in Chicago, so I am proud to say that I got a few!

Here Payton and Aunt Jenny are enjoying the singing and dancing time.

And then Payton found the Hula Hoops! My mom was showing her how it was done, but refused a picture ;)

Breakfast at Nana's new apartment was fun! We got to sit on top of the counter and visit with everyone! Nana was never far, as she loved just being around Payton!

Sunday was spent with my dad and of course, Halley! We headed over to my sister's place and went to breakfast with the Dad's. It was great, and Payton enjoyed her time with Papa.

We had a great family fun filled weekend in Chicago. I wish we lived closer and could make the trip more, but 5 and a half hours in a car with this little wiggle worm is hard! She is so active, so the I-80 truck stop was a hit for running around, and climbing all over these fake rocks. She was a trooper like always!

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