Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Water Baby!

As I wrote the title of this blog, I thought that maybe I should stop calling Payton a baby...But she will always be my baby! She is such a big girl actually, and this big girl LOVES the water, the splash park, and playing with her friends!

Payton and I got to the splash park at 9:30 to get a good spot this morning, because I knew it would fill up fast since the weather was going to be in the 90s by the afternoon. We were just so excited to meet so many friends there! As the pool was being filled up, Payton was running around kicking a beach ball. She is going to be a great soccer player, just like her daddy!

Payton loves the water and has really no fear at all! I am thankful that she loves the water, because I too am such a water person.

I caught Payon laying down all on her own in the water! This is crazy! She won't do this in the bath tub, and hates getting water in her face or hair, so I am excited to see that she is trying new things!

Payton and her friend Lucy (far right) swimming away! They had such a great time, and are such good friends. Lucy will be 3 in November, so they are about a year apart, but get along great. They are slowly learning to share with eachother, which is great! Payton and Lucy were rarely seen apart all morning, and had so much fun togeher!

Payton right in the mix of things! This was right before she fell backwards and had a quick scare cuz she couldn't get back up. But after I pulled her up, she was ready to get back in and play, no crying at all!

She is SWIMMING! Although she only went backwards, she did great! She would end up in the deepest parts of the water, and still just keep going.

At 12:30, we decided it was probably time to pack up and get home for a nap. Payton hadn't even asked to leave once, and would of played all afternoon I bet if I let her! I love busy morning, especially ones at the pool! They make our day go by so much quicker, Payton gets a GREAT nap in, and then it seems like Halley comes home from work sooner. We miss having special times like this with him, but we both are so thankful for his hardwork so I can stay home and experience these great moments with Payton!

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