Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keeping Busy!

Payton and I have been keeping busy with many activities with friends - this includes trips to the park, play dates at our friends houses, and so much more! Payton and Everly have grown up together, and are just three weeks apart - here they are holding eachothers hands as they walk across the bridge to play in the park one sunny morning. So sweet!

Payton has also begun to really entertain herself, which is FABULOUS! She loves playing with her farm animals, taking care of them, and having conversations with them all. She is such a big girl, and I love just watching her, so I of course know you would like to see her playing too!

This week, we were able to spend almost 4 hours at my good friend Jenny Schreiner's house. Jenny just had a baby girl (Eden) 3 weeks ago, so it was great to see her again and see how Eden has changed and see how being a mommy of two is going. This was a little insight into what my life will look like soon! Payton and Owen are about 5 months apart, and they played great together. Jenny and I have known eachother since our second year of college, so I love being able to spend any time with her. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got of the two playing :)

This summer is coming to a close, but Payton sure loves trips to the ice cream parlor! Here she is enjoying her "Ice" with her friend Rain. Yum!

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant! How exciting! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet little girl. I am so excited to see how Payton does, but nervous as well. She is a VERY hands on litte girl, and loves to help with everything, and is also not super gentle all the time. She just gets so excited and her strength comes out! Ha! But know she will be a great big sister. She loves talking to her sister and giving her kisses right now, so lets hope that continues.

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