Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apple Orchard & Pumpkin Patch - Picture Overload!

On Sunday, Halley, the girls, and I went to the Center Grove Apple Orchard for some fun with a few friends. It was a great time, and the weather was perfect fall weather! Payton had a blast with all the activities - I love fall time! Here are a few (yea right, A TON) of pictures that captured our afternoon!

Halley and Payton in the old school house...

Miss Jenna joined Payton too!

At the zoo, Payton will not go near the goats, but apparently when Daddy is there, she will let them eat food out of her hands!
Payton's favorite part was the big pool of corn. There was corn everywhere, and she loved playing in it with Halley.

Jordyn and I were there too!

I made Halley take Payton down the big slide because I am a bit of a wimp on things like this - and she loved it!
It was a great afternoon spent as a family - and we might even go back again this year! In other news, Halley ran the Des Moines Half Marathon Sunday morning and completed it in 2 hours and 1 minute. Payton, Jordyn, and I were at the finish line waiting for him and he actually saw us this time! At his last race, he didn't see us at all, so I made sure we were extra loud :) We were SO proud of him :)

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