Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soakin' It In

The weather these past two days has been AMAZING here in Des Moines! Payton, Jordyn and I have taken full advantage of it as well. Today, we headed to the zoo with a few other moms and kids. What a gorgeous day! I wish everyday was 75 degrees, with leaves falling, and great conversation! Payton was so excited to go to the zoo, and now loves taking pictures for Daddy. She loves posing ;)

I think Payton and Lucy are going to be great friends! Lucy is a year older then Payton, but they get along so well. Lucy listens far better then Payton, and when they are together, I think she teaches Payton to listen to instructions so well. Here they are following Sarah around the Zoo. I normally would be chasing Payton around if she was out of the stroller, but she was calm and listened to our instructions while holding Lucy's hand.

Smiling for the camera! Such beautiful girls!

Jordyn enjoyed her first visit to the zoo as well. She slept the whole time, and I didn't hear a sound from her. What a good baby!

There were so many kids with us that is was hard to get Payton to look at the camera, but none the less, she is a cutie!

Yesterday, we enjoyed lots of play time at Colby Park. Payton loves it there, and loves the slides! I love this October weather, and that we can play at the park without it being cold! We were actually over dressed for the weather, and people were there in shorts and t-shirts!

Payton loved this toy!

There is also a huge slide at this park. I think I was more nervous then Payton as she climbed up the massive stairs!

Here she goes....

And she reached the top successfully!

Yeah! We made is down safely! Now, only ten more times up and down she went!

What a great two days we have had soakin' up the sun and fresh air! I am going to miss these days in the dead of winter when we are stranded in the house!

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