Friday, September 30, 2011

Cookies For Daddy!

Payton and I made cookies for Halley to take on his camping trip tonight, and we had such a blast! This was our first attempt doing this from start to finish. Payton has helped me decorate cookies before, but this time she was there from start to finish - and it was a huge success! Check out my BEAUTIFUL little helper! She is such a big girl in this picture, and I cannot believe this is my first born! She has grown up so much!

I had to keep my eye on her, because she kept on trying to eat the cookie dough (and there was raw egg in it, so I had to keep telling her no)! But she was actually very good at stirring, only flinging out a little bit of the mixture.

After we had mixed everything up, it was time to apply some sprinkles before we could bake them. Payton was shoving handfuls of sprinkles into her mouth. At first I wanted to try to keep things clean, but what fun is that! Sprinkles can be cleaned up with the Swiffer when we are done anyways :)

As you can see from the above picture, Payton was very proud of how well she did placing the sprinkles onto the cookies. There was more sprinkles not on cookies then on cookies, but heck, who cares!

Then the hard part came...waiting! So we turned the light on in the over so Payton could watch her cookies bake.

And here is our final project! All for daddy! Looks like we missed one cookie too - it looks very bare with no sprinkles :)

Although we both didn't want Halley to leave us to go camping for the night, we were happy to make him some homemade love to share with his friends. We hope you have fun camping, Daddy!

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