Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Chicago - Part 1

We had such a blast in Chicago this past week for Christmas! We kept very busy, and enjoyed every second of family time that we could! Friday and Saturday were spent celebrating Christmas with my dad (Buppa). My sister, Jenny, suggested that we go to the Lincoln Park Zoo on Friday night for Zoo Lights, and it was a blast! We left Jordyn with my mom since she would be too young to enjoy all the lights, as well as it being a bit chilly for her to be out for that long. It was a GREAT time!

Here is Payton with Buppa riding the Merry Go Round. Before it started, she started crying so I switched with my dad and rode with her, but she did not enjoy it one bit. I'm hoping it was because she was tired and hungry, so we will try again another time to see if she would enjoy it!

Getting ready to go into the Gorilla house to see the sleeping Gorillas. Payton kept yelling, "Get Up!" because she wanted to see them move, but it was probably well past their bedtime when we were there at 6 PM! :)

Enjoying some hot chocolate compliments of Aunt Jenny on this chilly (but nice!) evening!

Payton is in love with train rides, and enjoyed this one as well! She is all the way on the right, barely able to see out of the car :)

After Zoo Lights, we went out to eat and had a great time!

Don't worry, Jordyn was really in Chicago with us!

Saturday morning we all met at my sister place for a Christmas Brunch! Payton and Jenny loved spending time together, and here they are in their aprons - so cute!!!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas with my dad, and look forward to doing it again in two years - but we wished both of our parents lived closer so we didn't have to split holidays....but that is how the cookie crumbles :)

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