Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Love This Time of Year!

Winter means indoors - which also means, that I need to get creative, which is VERY hard for me! Thank goodness that Payton has a great imagination, and that she is able to find things to entertain herself with!

A headband and an inflatable dinosaur named Dexter have entertained Payton a lot so far! I sure hope Dexter stays inflated for a LONG time!

Another great thing for this year is baking with my assistant baker! Payton LOVES to help me cook, my kitchen gets extra messy, but we all have fun! Halley even joined in to help us on Sunday evening!

Payton showing off her messy hands!

She was very intense when she was decorating the cookies. I think she gets this from Halley, the perfectionist!

Halley did a great job at packaging up our treats for his City Council members. Don't you love it when you husband tells you he needs 10 gifts for a gift exchange at 5 PM the night before the event happens? :)

This is how Payton decided it was the best way to eat her decorated cookie - she ate the frosting off, and then was done :)

My white chocolate peppermint fudge - I was VERY proud of myself at how yummy this was, and how beautiful it looked cut up!

Since the fudge was too hot for Payton to help stir, she got her own little spoon and bowl of water to keep her occupied. So cute!

Step stools are a must for any house with kids!

My other creation - a peanut butter ball! SO good, and so easy! I served it with graham cracker sticks!

MMMmmm...Nutella and graham crackers - such a great afternoon snack!

Another game that keeps Payton occupied - sock puppets!

And afternoon baths that last EXTRA long!

The Griess household is staying busy this winter, and looking forward to the summer where we can go swimming and to the park almost daily...what keeps you and your family occupied these cold days?!

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