Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Girls Vacation to FLORIDA!

Jenny, my mom, Payton, and I all went to Florida this past week to visit my mom's family! I hadn't seen the majority of them in seven years, so this was great! Only a few were able to come to my wedding, so this was a great trip!

Payton was a great traveler! The two of us flew to Orlando on a direct flight from DSM (wow!) and it was about two and a half hours. Payton was great! She would take two short cat naps, and then play in the OPEN seat next to us. It was such a blessing that we were able to have two seats, instead of just one! Here is a picture of my good little traveler!

We got into Orlando around 8:30 Thursday night, and then were picked up by my cousin Erin and her husband, Josue. We then had an hour drive to get to my grandmother's house, so it was pretty late when we got there. Payton took a bath the next morning in her laundry room tub! It was so cute :)

We then headed over to my grandpa's house about 30 minutes away. This is where Payton, my mom and I stayed. They had tons of toys for Payton to play with, and went WAY out of their way to accomodate us! Here is Payton with her great-grandpa!

Erin was eager to feed Payton on Friday night, so we gave her the pleasure of doing so!

Then it was off to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a BBQ. They have two labs, and Payton was in love! She loved petting them and feeding them her animal crackers. She also LOVED my Uncle Doug! Here they are on the couch with her Nana.

Saturday was probably the best day ever, as we had a big family party with all the relatives for my grandmother and grandpa's birthday. We all got together at my Aunt Sandy's house, and had a blast! Here is Payton with her best friend, Uncle Doug, and my grandpa and Jane.

Best Friends!
Since we were all over the place, we didn't bring her crib with us, so my cousin Jayme made a nice little bed for Payton at Sandy's house. She slept so great!

Four generations!
Great grandpa and Jane with Payton.
We went swimming only once during our five days in Florida. We were just so busy! It was our last day and we were back at my grandmother's house, so Jenny and I took Payton for a quick dip in the pool!
Once again, Payton was a great traveler back home. She did far better then I thought she would do on the plane, and we were even given compliments on how great she was by other passengers!
Payton and I had a great 5 days visiting family! Halley had to stay in Des Moines to study for the Iowa Bar exam that he took yesterday and today. Then he will be done! To celebrate his completion, we are taking a 9 day trip with his family to Branson, MO (actually, we do this every year, but it will be a great vacation for Halley since he will have no studying to do!). Halley has been so diligent this summer studying for the bar exam. He had class 5 days a week from 9-2, for a month and a half. He then studied on his on 8 hours a day for about two weeks. He is such a great example! Although we missed Halley while we were in Florida, it was great to see how happy Payton was when she got to see him!

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