Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Basement!

July 9th weekend, Halley's parents and brother came up to help us paint our basement! We have been planning on doing this since we bought the house two years ago, so it was about time we actually did something! It looks great now!

Halley and Tim taping
I took a few before pics for you to see how white it was down there!

Now, there aren't any pictures of me painting, but I did paint more than Halley! He happened to take the brush when the camera came out! :)

Great colors!
Connor and Payton had a great time playing with Connor's phone and talking to Hope!
Payton's hair is getting so long, so we finally have decided to put it up - this was a bad ponytail! We just wanted you to see how long it was getting!
Saying goodbye to Grandpa!
It's great to have family who will help us fix up our house! We had a great weekend, and now a new basement! It's like a new room in the house that we never had before :)

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