Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up!

We had such a great 4th of July weekend! I am pleased to announce that I actually took lots of pictures to capture everything we did!

Friday night, we had Jay and Jill Udey over, along with Jay's parents. Of course Payton was the main attraction, as you can tell when Jon and Halley sat on the kitchen floor to play with her!

Payton sure does make a mess these days since she is eating more regular food - she had animal cracker all in her hair after dinner, so she hit the tub! She no longer uses the baby bath tub, and looks so small in the tub all by herself!

After all the attention and playing she did, she was ready for bed! I think we have the cutest baby ever!

On Saturday, Halley had a softball game, so Payton and I were his cheering section. We were able to play with some friends as well! Here is Payton and Kaisa Richey. They are just three weeks apart, so they are great playmates!

Jenny also was there! I got to watch Owen so Jenny and Jon could play in the game, and we had fun when Jenny would come over and play with us during the innings!

I think Payton really likes Owen - his first kiss (or lick)....

Payton and Derek are the best of friends! Payton loves to play with Derek whenever he is around. I think Derek entertains himself more when he is with Payton!

The babies resting on the sidelines! Payton is drinking and Owen is sleeping away! I have this two kid thing down pretty well :)

Sunday we had a big church get together at the camp. During the talent show, Payton was playing with Everly who is three weeks younger then her. It's great to have so many playmates!

And to conclude a great weekend, Monday was Jenny Schreiner's birthday. So like usual, the girls went out to our favorite mexican restaurant to celebrate! Payton had a blast playing with Owen, and eating animal crackers yet again. Happy Birthday Tick's!!! We love you!

This weekend was great! We had so much fun with so many friends! We wish summer wasn't almost over! Halley has to take his bar exam at the end of this month, so you can keep him in your prayers! He has a lot of studying ahead of him - which at times can be hard when the weather is so nice!

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