Monday, August 16, 2010

Weddings, Work, and the Wonderful State Fair!

Life sure has been busy since we got back from Branson! Since Halley is done with the Bar Exam, and is in the process of looking for full time employment, we are able to see him so much more. Payton loves having her Daddy around to play with!

Before bed, I usually feed Payton her last bottle, read her a book or two, and say some night time prayers. Halley likes to get in on the action too and enjoys reading to Payton.

Our friend Robin got married last weekend, and it was so much fun to attend her wedding and see her marry her best friend. Another reason I love weddings so much is that we get to see our friends and spend time with them! I don't get to see Jenny, Jon, and Owen nearly as much as I would like, and Robin's wedding gave us the opportunity to catch up and just be together. We love this cute little boy (and his parents!) so much!

Payton enjoyed being with the Schreiner Family as well!

On Saturday, Halley decided to restain the deck that we power washed earlier this summer. He is such a great worker outdoors! Here he is during the long process. Our deck looks great!

Payton has really begun to enjoy her big girl toys so much more these days. She now loves to ride on this toy, and loves it when we push her around. Halley is trying to teach her to walk behind it too, but she isn't too interested in that yet, but does provide us some great entertainment!

On Sunday, we went to the Iowa State Fair and had a great time. The weather had cooled down a whole lot, so it was a perfect day to spend outdoors. Payton loved looking at all the people, and we even let her pet this small calf while we were there. She wasn't too interested, but it was fun for Halley and I!

She did enjoy looking at the sheep in the barn. She would of watched them all day if we would of let her!

We had such a great day with Halley at the Fair! Here we are enjoying a little music and taking a small break from walking around. Payton was happy to get our of her stroller for a bit.

The best part of the Iowa State Fair? THE FOOD! Halley was very intent on getting his big turkey leg, and enjoyed every bit of it. He even let Payton and I have a few bites!

Payton's first trip to the fair was great! We are looking forward to going next year with her when she will be able to enjoy it even more!!

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